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Nice and time consuming

I recommend this if u smoke pot


If you get good and reach high levels the game crashes and you cannot advance, leaving you to replay the level and hope it advances when done.


this game is the bast

Fun game but limitations are frustrating

Once you get above a score of a few hundred it can take a long time to play each ball. Fast forward doesn’t help much when you get up to several hundred or thousands. I’ve reached a point where I think the game is maxed out because it just shuts down instead of continuing. This happened on my old 64 Mb iPhone around 2300, but was happy when my new 128 Mb iPhone allowed me to continue playing but once again maxed out around 3700... anyone know if there is a work around?

are you sure!

please put an are you sure option when a player clicks restart because i was at 1,180+ and i accidentally clicked restart!!!!

Needs more rewards

There's no point in spending rings when all you get it colored balls. There needs to be options that allow for quicker progression. If I get to 171 points I want to try to beat that and having to start off back at one ball (regardless of color) is infuriating. Have options to buy ball multipliers, more ballz to start. Stronger balls (ones that cause double number reduction. !!!DO NOT MAKE MICROTRANSACTIONS!!

More chances

Really like this game and I was at 478 but I didn’t have the one more Turn thing which is crazy so can this game have more than one chances after dying

Fix the restart button

I have played this game for so long and I have restarted my game on accident way to many time and I would like to see if you can add a “are you sure you would like to restart??” Before it ends up restarting all of the work you put in.. please fix this

Lots of rings

I have over 15,000 rings. No more balls to buy. What else are they for?

Caleb gustafson

One of the most best mind games I've ever played

Ok. Unable to invert

Better play than most. Not being able to invert is a deal breaker for me. Uninstalled


Pretty solid app. It’s highly addicting which is what you want in a phone game. Just a few thoughts though. 1) Make the fast forward button always there. It’s really irritating to have to wait to turn that on. 2) What is the point of the score in the upper right? It seems to count how many rings I’ve gotten over the course of owning the app, but I’m not sure why that’s important. I feel like it should reset for each game or at least have some prize for reaching certain milestones. Otherwise it’s just a distracting and useless stat. 3) There should be an “end level” button for times when you’re hitting nothing and simply want the clock to run out. Sitting there waiting for 300 balls to finish hitting nothing is mind-numbing. 4) The pause button doesn’t always seem to work. Maybe make the entire screen a pause button so tapping anywhere brings you to the menu? 5) We need a leaderboard! It’d be fascinating to see all my high scores listed out. This type of stat seems standard for this type of game so it seems odd that it’s not in this one. Might be a good opportunity to incorporate friends as well, if we could have the option of comparing scores to friends. Maybe three leaderboards - individual, friends, and a universal one (all players everywhere).


Very addicting game but it keeps locking up. Fix that and l would play it again.


I'm stuck at 4492 for the past 2 weeks. The game will not advance, no matter how many times I play. It shows my best game at 4493, then makes me repeat 4492. ?????

Highest score

My score right now is 1529



Boring ballz

I don't like balls

Addicted to Corners

I really like this game. Find it is a good way to calm my thinking...BUT the algorithm is written in a way that seems mathematically improbable. The balls trajectory seems to be drawn to the sharp corners and so often react in unpredictable ways. Still, all in all, a fun game. Just don't assume you can game the angles.


This game is a must have for anyone with a phone if you have never played this game you are strongly missing out


Not sure what the purpose of the gold coins, but Ballz is an addicting game!


I give it a 10out of 10 it is really fun and addictive I love it and so does my son make more games like this

It glitches at 1000

*mic drop*

Crashes after every level!


Love it!

Great game, fun, addicting, and easy to play anywhere, anytime!

Great App

I fell in love with this game keep up with the making of great games like this

Ad's appear mid game

While lining up a shot in the game, and ad will randomly pop up. After x'ing out the ad, the shot will automatically go, since I took my finger off the screen to X out the ad. Caused me to lose a long game, so I deleted the app.

محمد التميمي

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Fix the higher number glitches!

I love this game but please fix the glitches when you get to high numbers! Once I hit around 800 it started getting glitchy and now past 1500 I can only get a couple in (if any) before it starts being so glitchy it freezes to the point of a number takes a whole minute to pass, I have to click out and click back on and it makes it work for about 100 and then I have to do it again! It makes the game impossible to play! Please fix it


It's a great game but I glitched the game on level 103 and now I can't continue :(

Addicting but glitchy

This game is very addicting but great for passing time or if you just need to turn your brain off for a few minutes. However, the glitches are frustrating. It will reset your game automatically even if you’ve hit the “one more turn” icon and watched the ad. Also, sometimes when you hit the speed up button, the game seems to bog down, especially when you get to higher levels with more balls.

Balls fixes

This game is so good except I was at 1,541 balls and then someone accidentally hit restart there should be a tab that says are you sure U want to restart because now I have to start from 0

I love Ballz!!

This has brought great misfortune upon my familia. Muah.


Can you please please put out an update to fix the problem I'm having with your game?! I cannot get past a certain score. I'll play as usual and when the turn is over, it closes down instead of going on to the next level. In fact my best score shows 2320 but my current level shows only 2319 (and it's the same game). If I delete the game and reload it, I have to start all over 😡 and I'll have to pay money again to have my game be ad free 😡.

Challenging to a certain number

Good game until you get over a thousand, after that you’re just curious if it’s possible to lose. I’m at 2560+ and it lags and takes quite a lot of time to do a play. It would be great if the game didn’t make you sit thru a thousand balls bouncing when there’s no blocks

Fun but slow

The game is really addicting and I can’t stop playin. The only two thing I whis that was different is that the blocks would come in different shapes and sizes the father along you Get in the game and that you could speed up the game more 3000 balls takes for ever...


Such an addictive game. But lately it crashes every time the balls run out and a new set of blocks get ready to come down.

I can't believe I'm stuck on 3666

Love the game. Would like the speed to be faster too. But when I got to my current level the balls start glitching and would throw me out of the game repeatedly so I am not able to pass this level. I need help!!! HELLLLPPP!!!


This app is really addicting but super fun! I spend some time on this app and it’s so fun! You get to change the color of the Ballz and you get to shoot blocks! Q: How fun is that? A: It’s super fun! I LOVE this app!

Restart button

This game is amazing except the restart button. Which has many times killed my high scoring games and I want it taken away. Nobody wants to restart the game from the menu if they want to restart they can just let the squares get all of the way down

Cyber bully

This kid cyber bullied me cause of this game, I want him dead


NEED to take off the restart button or ask if we would like to restart I have accidentally touched the button multiple times and it restarted my game and I was really far

More colors

If you run out of colors start doing patterns

Game is broken

If you pause after you shoot and click the main menu button, then start game again you can keep retaking ur shot. Where is the fun in that?

Really good game

Very good and fun


I keep getting the good shot and next thing I know it has 88. The game called “Ballz” is very very hard but at the beginning it is so easy

Stopped working

It was fun while it lasted but they haven't updated it in almost 6 months and now the game crashes in the middle of every turn.


I love this game and it's so fun every for kids "so I thank you Katchapp"

Why so hard tho?

I got this game cuz my crush plays it but when I play it's so difficult. 3 balls cant get rid of a row of blocks with varying numbers! Can there be an easier version for newer players or something?? Or is your motto "Make ridiculously impossible games!"?



Good but

This game is really fun but it would be nice if there were ways to buy more lives!!!

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