Ballz App Reviews

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Great game

This game is fun and addicting. Although at points it seems like it forces you to fail. My family has it and would agree.

Needs Improvement

I used to love this game. I was about 13 away from my high score and I messed up, so I tried pressing the pause button at the top, but it wouldn’t pause. This game needs to improve the buttons. It happens multiple times where I have to press the pause button about 10 times before it actually pauses the game. I ended up losing because of a block of 6 at the bottom when I was at 452.

Restarted on its own.....

I was playing the same game for weeks, seeing how high I could get my score. The last shot I made I cleared the board, so it's not like I was about to lose. When I opened the app this morning to continue playing, it restarted me at level 1. Very disappointed.

Need improvement

You NEED to make a feature to watch an add or something to be able to continue your game.


WORST GAME EVER! How in this world do people even get 100 points on this? Huh? I am here to say that everyone that got over 100 points on this is cheating.

Time consuming

I love the game but once you get up to 1000+ balls, it takes forever.


I spent about $10 on this game and I decided it wasn’t worth it so I pressed the restore purchases button and it didn’t restore anything DONT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME

Addictive but there’s a bug

Very addictive and fun! It really helps passing the time when you’re bored. Problem is when I get above a thousand is that it will reset if I leave the game to do something. It doesn’t happen unless I’m above a thousand which is sad because every time I make my new best the app will be the reason I lose and I would like to finish a game to see how high I can actually go.

Don’t watch an ad to continue

After you watch another God forsaken ad, you don’t get to continue. Had this game for months. Tried it out recently to see if they patched it. Nothing. Don’t watch the ads to continue. They won’t do anything and you will have wasted 30 seconds. Just accept defeat and try again.

So addicting

If you have an addictive personality then beware. I quit alcohol and drugs but I have relapsed multiple times with Ballz. Lol jk love this game. So simple and awesome.

Good until you pass 2000

Once you go over about 2000 it really starts to bog it down and go super slow. I continually have to go home and open it again just to pass a single level with super speed. Frustrating but still a fun and addictive game.

Bad juju

This game is hacked. Will not allow me to get 50.

Stuck on level 3698!

Relaxing game to play but stuck on 3698. After completing the level it shuts off. Very disappointed!


In high level it gets to slow


I love the game, but I’ve purchased the app not to have ads and now I’m getting ads! I hate the ads!!! They are too long and they trick you into accidentally pushing a button that puts you deeper into the ad. Please, I know ads make you money, but when someone pays for “no ads” they should have no ads!

No speed up option!!!

Once you get better at this game, you’ll miss dearly a speed-up option as you have to wait forever for a play to finish and move to the next round.

Ballz for Dayz

I love this game. I have gotten up to 1200, and my brother has gone way past that. We spend hours playing this game; however, I feel like the rings should be able to extend your life or something! There’s definitely not enough you can do with the rings.

Ok game, ads crash app

Fun, but the ads cause the app to freeze so it’s frustrating to play.


After awhile I feel like you’re being forced to lose so you have to look at more ads. Also fix the physics when it comes to the corners, it’s not realistic.

Not bad

A fun time killer. Gets repetitive after a while though and 200 “rings” for 1 new colored ball is steep. Some more features like a trick shot level/bonus Level would be cool.

Fun App

This is a fun app that doesn’t require a ton of effort. A few suggestions: 1. When all the colored balls you can play with are acquired using the “coins”, have other perks to spend them on, like a quicker speed up button, or an extra ball. Otherwise, I have nothing to “spend” my 3k+ coins. 2. Allow “one more try” to work offline. If you’re in airplane more, or not connected to the internet, the “one more try” button doesn’t work (presumably because it can’t download the ad it shows before you get that one more try)

Very Addictive!

I don’t remember what podcast I heard talk about this game, but I’m glad I downloaded it, or am I... This game takes about 2 seconds to learn how to play, but is hard to master. And it’s super addictive! It’s also a great game to play while watching TV, listening to music, podcasts, or audio books, which I regularly do. I do wish the Speed Up button appeared a little sooner, or you could tap it at any time. Otherwise, Ballz has earned a place in my IOS Essentials folder that I’ll keep on all my devices.


I still can’t proceed with my game. I play the board, pass it and it kicks me out. I can’t move on. PLEASE fix it!!!!! I love this game. But I have a request. I think you should be able to continue more than once. Possibly using the circles to buy more. Not just to buy different color balls. I’m downgrading my stars. I’m stuck at 3707. Once all Ballz have cleared the game it closes. When I open, I have to redo level. Ugh!!!! Update. Still can’t go to next level. It’s kicking me out. Ugh!!!

Love my balls

It's really addictive.

Infinite Lives Glitch!

So I love this and I play it a lot and compete for highest score with friends. However, there is a glitch that just kills the competition factor for me and it is having infinite lives. The glitch is that every time you start a round and think that you’re about to lose, simply close the app mid round and open it again to see that the round is reset and you can play it again. How would a game be fun with such glitch?! Please do something about it. Also many people mentioned this thing which should be added to the game. When you reach 1000+ points, the speed button isn’t enough especially when you have only a couple of blocks and know exactly how the round is going to end. We need the ability to skip the round completely after playing.

First game is fun, then...

First game is fun and perfectly challenging, then it’s almost impossible to win which removes the point of the game

Paying for no ads only gives you 1 chance!

I love the game but what’s annoying is that unlike the default ads version where you get at least 2 chances if it has been a long time since you last died, the paid version only gives you one chance!!

Needs to fix glitches

Good game however frustrating when it glitches and you don’t get a ball for one round and by the time your up in the hundreds you are several balls behind


Don't waste your time. The game started off very fun but once I got to about 2500 points the game glitches so much it's not worth playing. The game freezes and resets all by itself and reading the reviews this seems to be a common problem.

Fun game

Needs updating because it crashes with new apple upgrade version 11.2.5.


The restart button is annoying. They need to have a second question to make sure your gonna restart your progress. I shouldn’t be able to accidentally hit the restart button ONE time and lose 1000+ levels of effort.



Game crashing

I cannot get past level 4458 because every time I finish it the game crashes and makes me start the level over. Beyond frustrating as I can no longer play.


Very good game that kills time mindlessly. Would be great if they gave you a bonus ball when you clear the board though. Also, the continue button after you lose rarely works.

Delete my info have to rebuy

I will say I absolutely love this game. I was at almost level 3900 and accidentally hit the reset button. My heart broke! Anywho, I was cleaning up my phone and was deleting games i hadn’t played (because this was ALL I played) and another game was similar and at 1am I accidentally deleted this game. Realizing what I did I immediately put it back on my phone. DELETED ALL MY STUFF!! My heart is broken. AND it’s asking that I pay ANOTHER $2.99! I mean really?? 😩😩 I have started over cause I can’t seem to live without it.

Great addictive game of skill

My only complaint is sometimes the 2D physics is not real. Balls can sometimes bounce back same direction and not like light bouncing off a mirror. Also it seems unnatural to constantly hit the fine tip of the cube’s corners, skewing your shot in a unnatural physics direction, almost have the time. That seems unlikely.

Needs an update, shuts down!

I’m on level 3730 and the app shuts down every time I finish the level. It’s been doing this for months!

The best!

This game is SO ADDICTIVE!!!! I love it. The one thing you guys need to fix tho is all the colors. I have unlocked every color so far and now I have over 2,200 green circles. Please make more colors to unlock. But otherwise, GREAT GAME!

AMAZING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love it!

Great time figuring out different angles.

Fun finding out different ways to make each ball count.

fun but too easy to hit restart!!

fun game, but it would be greatly improved if the menu and restart buttons were not so close!!! I’ve accidentally restarted my game about 5 times now, please add a are you sure you want to restart or move the button farther up!!


I will rate higher when I can play the game. Every time I have to watch an ad I am not taken back to the game it just freezes. I have to close the game. Please fix.


After 400 it starts to lag out. Once you reach 2600 it lags out bad enough it could automatically quit the app and restart that turn. Starting to get quite inconvenient Please fix—— I wrote this months ago. I’ve pushed my way to 3105 and the lag is still unbelievable. I’m not going to sit here while it counts one at a time even with the speed up button.

Good game

I enjoyed the game but it has a glitch around level 3000 that you can’t get past.

Love it

This game is very addictive! But I love it

Fun Game

This a very fun game that gets very addicting. DO get to kill time, but DO NOT play during school. 😭😭

Constantly force closes

I just got to level 3717 and can’t seem to move up. I play the level, and instead of leveling up, the app closes and I have to replay the level. As another player has mentioned I have closed and reopened the app, restarted my phone, not turned on fast mode, all to no avail. I went to uninstall and reinstall the app but was warned I would lose my data, didn’t want to risk that so I backed away. Frustrating. Please fix.

This is your life

Ballz, it's more than s game, it's your life. Think of it. It's all strategy, start off slow, use the angles to your favor, the more balls, the "easier" it gets, develope strategy or it's easy to get overwhelmed, you collect rings to buy more balls, then you buy all the balls, yet Continue to collect nothing more than these worthless rings you can't spend anyway. If you play the game continuously without break you will fail, 200 is good, but if you slow down you can reach the thousands, collecting more and more hoping to avoid the reset button which will take it all away and cause utter devastation. In life, The rings are money. The balls are the things we acquire in life through money or talent,,, strategy is key... even after we have everything, bought all the balls we just keep playing, often times we don't even use those other colors we buy.... How much stuff do you have that you don't use... no, once we have it all the goal is to continue to use strategy and avoid messing up and losing it all (Corrine Brown) Ballz is life

Dangerously Addictive

Not a particularly challenging game, but ridiculously addictive. Low mental load but high satisfaction. Clearing the whole board will be the most satisfying thing you fo that day.


It continuously crashes.

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