Ballz App Reviews

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So sister savage go off lit Ballz

Great game!

Yes it’s great and yes it’s addictive! I’d love to see more incentives besides different colored balls. How about ball bonuses for clearing the board? Or special balls that cause more than single point damage? This game has a lot of potential, yet it’s awesome and simple already!

Highly Addictive

I LOVE this game. It’s probably the only game I play on my phone. I have all the colors unlocked however I wish there was more bold or different colors. I was really hoping for at least a rainbow ball, or a ball that changes color depending on the color brick that it hits. Also, once you get into the hundreds I really wish the speed up button would pop up a lot sooner, and that it would go a lot faster.

Too many ads

The game itself is OK. However it has a double layer of ads that end up taking as much time as playing the game itself. Not worth it!

Please add a speed to the end option!

I love this game and based on the high scores I assumed the goal was 5k and I spent so many months background playing this game in my spare time. I finally hit what I thought was the end and to my surprise there’s more numbers now! Hahah I don’t know if I’ll play more because every number takes so long now waiting for 5,000+ numbers to go by. Consider adding a skip to the end once you hit a certain number like 1 or 2k


I’ve put almost definitely too much time into this game. I’m currently on 4353 balls and each level takes minutes. It was fun in the beginning but now I just want a faster speed up so I can play the game as it’s meant to be played.


Good game play and fun. Wish it had more story.

You’ll wanna delete it when you see how bad the ads are

Even once you lose you Have to watch an ad just to be able to play again

reset button

ok so i love this game and i got really good. my score was 1059 and then i paused it and set down my phone. i picked it up 2 minutes later and it reset and my high score was 1059 but i was back to 0. soooo beware of the VERY TOUCHY reset button

More upgrades are please

This game has so much potential and since it’s release hasn’t been fine tuned. The game itself is great and glitchy with the ads sometimes but other than that addicting in a good way. But there should be checkpoints so you don’t start at 1 every time you die, and throw some power ups in there this isn’t a clichè game so I’m not worried power ups will put them in that box.


Game is really addictive and fun. Ads kill it though. Not worth it anymore

Fun but not great

It's addictive and rated 3 cos there is no alternate I find. 3observations 1. Start of the game is poor on performance. It gets slower. 2. Even when you do not click the promo games, it still directs to App Store. There are certain promo where you need to wait for 30secs 3. If you do not close the app, it drains your battery and heats the phone.

Fun game but...

The ads are terrible. Literally every time a game ends, an unavoidable ad pops up. I’m forcing myself to delete the game because I have had enough of ads ruining my fun.

Not worth the ads

Play the game for 30 seconds.... sit through two long ads. Play the game for 32 seconds... sit through 2 very long ads.

Fun game ruined by frequent and long ads

Taking long ads to the extreme. You will be forced to watch a video ad every time a game ends. I always quit after one game because it’s not worth waiting for the 1+ minute ad to finish. Making ad revenue is fine with me but the ads shouldn’t last longer than the game. Deleting.


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I Love This App

This app challenges me to use my mind and helps me relax and have a happy day with no stress 😎. It keeps me calm. My dogs love to watch me play it. 🐕🐾🐾🐕🐶❤️

Overrun with ads

Game is fun, but inundated with ads. No thanks.

Fun, but too many ads

The game is pretty fun, but every time you start the app, or in between games, you have to watch 60-90 seconds of ads. The game isn’t that fun...

Too many ads

Advertisements are way too long and frequent

Hell yeah

I love this game. It’s addictive. I wish there was more objectives though or maybe some leaderboards with other people’s scores. Or multi colored balls! That would be cool

You’ve got to be kidding me.

So have been playing this game for a very long time. I made it all the way to level 1370, and idk what happen but when I opened the app today it completely started me over, and I wasn’t even close to losing. Very upset that I lost all of my progress for some unknown reason.

Ads Ads Ads

I love this game, but I constantly am getting ads, sometimes in the middle of a turn then it selects the ad and takes me to the App Store. This is very annoying. The ads are long and I am getting really tired of waiting for them to finish. I want to go back to only seeing the ads if I want an extra turn. Also, please have the fast lighting speed added permanently. I also do not like having to wait for the balls to drop to the bottom or like having to wait for the lighting speed to appear. Just let me have the choice to do it or not. If these things can be fixed I would love this game even more!


Very annoying amount of ads. Not even worth playing because I cant try again because the ads keep blocking the replay button. Constant ads and they take forever.




Not that good

Great game. Marred by ads now

Love playing this game. Highly addicting and I can spend a long time playing it. Recently devs started putting multiple ads before game play (sometimes screwing up the shot) and the banner at the bottom is terrible. Great game gone crappy due to advertisements.

Addictive but glitchy

I’ve been playing this game for a very long time now. When usually I get tired of games after a while, I always find myself opening up this game whenever I pull out my phone. The only thing that annoys me is sometimes you get all into it and try to shoot a ball as soon as the game starts. But then an ad will pop up and cause you to shoot incorrectly. I do wish they could spice it up more by adding special features with the balls if you hit their token, that would help a lot. All in all, I love this game and will continue to play no matter what!


It is a very addictive game. I wish they could add a confirmation to the restart menu option because selecting it will easily send you back to the beginning.

Restart button

I have been working all summer on Ballz during my free time and I had gotten to a score of nearly 400 and I meant to click the main menus button to pause the game but I accidentally clicked restart. is there any way you can fix this for me?

Fun but ad overload

I expect ads with a free game, but ads for this game are ridiculous. Every other game or so, I am forced to sit through an ad - often more than 20 seconds long. Shorter ads or more time to play between ads would make it a lot less frustrating. It doesn’t make me want to buy the paid version - just delete this one and never play again. Bad strategy.

Don’t get this app


Great game to kill time

Very addicting! My ONLY complaint is now that I’ve collected all the balls available, what now? Add more stuff to buy with the rings please!


Has so many ads that you don’t even want to play the game. Should really be fixed. Less ads more players


Mindless game that’s addictive. One complaint that I have is when you click restart there’s no like confirm screen so I accidentally click it and accidentally restart.

Really fun

It’s fun

Great game, but would prefer different levels

This is a really fun game. Would love to be able to extend play more than once. Would watch an ad for it



Lol lame

Well...its boting........and lame


I ACCIDENTALLY HIT RESTART INSTEAD OF MAIN MENU AND I HAD ALMOST 500 AS MY SCORE!!! I think the game should ask “Are you sure you want to restart?” like Mario games do when you want to quit.


I love this app! Can’t stop playing it! 😍

Really addictive game but too many ads.

Fun but the 30 second non skippable adds really take away from the experience. Probably just find something else to play.


This fun game for class time


Please, please, please remove this button- or at least add a safety feature- maybe a pop up that says are you sure you want to restart? Then it would be a 5 Star!!!

Do you enjoy ads and glitches? Then this is the game for you

Don’t bother downloading this. They have completely given up with updates and improvements. It’s now just full of ads and glitches. It’s fun at first, yes. But don’t trust it’s software. I got a score past 1,000 and it crashed, I didn’t think much since it happens every few minutes but after I reopened it my score was cleared and I was set back to the start. It you have any self control don’t bother with this trash

Love it

Awesome game. Love to play it when I’m bored or have free time. There should be modes and challenges added to the game.

Addicting but

There’s way too many adds


Best game out.

Awesome games LOVE IT

Ok first of all this game is pretty awesome and second of all Ketchapp is a pretty awesome game company and I think u should check out a lot of there games and ketchapp I want to say again u guys r the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!👌👍👏

Too many ads and they are really long...

Also, I don’t get why the pointer have to be inverted with no option to change it...

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