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knock off

Pretty good game but it's a knock off of BBTAN which is way better and more challenging.

Add features

Love the game. Who cares about high scores. Please add these features: 1. Other things to spend my points on, I have every color Ballz. Like a smaller ball that's fast, bigger one that's slow. 2. If I clear the board over 100 give me a explosive Ballz when I have one row to go. 3. At some point give me the bonus to put the Ballz where I want. Thanks it's a fun game. I like racquetball and this is in line with it.

My new addiction

Sooo fun that I got addicted

Like the game, don't like the ads for Scientology

This was a fun and very addictive game. I deleted it, however, because I got tired of being forced to look at a banner ad on the bottom for a Scientology-owned website throughout every game. I don't mind ads in a free game, I just would prefer if they weren't for cults that ruin lives. I wish this company was more discerning about the ads they run in their game. YMMV!

Dank McNuggets

This app? Dank McNuggets. On the train I play. In bed I play. When my girl wants me to get in the shower I can't. Why? Because I'm level 98 with so many colored boxes.

Get rid of restart

Why should we review when you don't fix anything, I've seen many reviews saying get rid of the restart button or at least move it so it's hard to get to and you can't click it by mistake.


I do love this game but the restart button I hate. I was at 496 and nowhere close to losing and accidentally hit restart , maybe there should be an are you sure button after you hit it

Great game

Great game

Great game

I'm addicted


I would like this game except there's no Japan-flag ball. Total ripoff. I want my money back. Please update. Arigato

Found a bug

Recently while playing this great game, I found a break with the ball movements. At the score 193, the balls were zig zagging down the screen when the last ball slowed down and slothed its way across the screen where it hit the wall and went at a slower speed down the wall.

Good but

This game is really fun but it would be nice if there were ways to earn more "continue playing" chances!


I have been on level 2304 and I can't move forward. I have used all of my ballz and every time it should move up to the next level it crashes. I'm extremely frustrated right now.


Yes maybe no

Load faster

"I wish your game would load faster!" - my 5 year old nephew


I would give five stars but honestly if you watch the gameplay you should have one more turn before it hits the floor but other than that it's so fun! It's addicting and a great distraction

Love it

Wonderful game I really like this game


I love balls in my mouth

Great game

Passes the time well. Nice problem solver type. 240 is my best so far!

Breaks laws of physics/motion

Plz don't play this game, as it breaks all laws of physics. You could hit a corner with the Ballz and it bounces backwards. It also could hit another corner and speed up. And yet it could hit another corner and start going from a vertical to horizontal direction. But over all, it is a pretty good,(and addicting) game to play.

It's great!

It's my favorite game right now. I've Already bought all the colored balls you can buy and I have tons of coins I wish they would let me purchase something else with the coins.

So cool

Best game ever 10/10

Needs a finish level button

Once you get good playing Ballz is like watching Paint Dry. Props on adding a speed up button but we need more to continue playing. I'm only at 1150 and it's terribld

Keeps crashing - can't progress

I am all the way up to 3675 after months invested in this game, but I can progress no further as the app crashes rather than loading the next row. I have played this same screen countless times hoping it will finally move on, but it just crashes again. Would hate to lose my progress by deleting it, but it looks like I will. I won't be wasting so much time on this game, tho.

Fun game , don't give them the $1.99

Fun game however when I had to have my phone restored and I downloaded the game back off of cloud all the adds were back and the developer will not respond.

Love it

So addictive

AMAZING! Except...

VERY addicting. Unfortunately, as you get higher it becomes way too easy and boring, especially when you get to the point of having to wait 5 minutes for it to clear the screen, even with the speed boost. Which takes way too long by the way, and should be there the whole time. And should get even faster, especially the higher you get. Also, I had over a thousand and accidentally hit restart. WHY IS THIS IN THE GAME!?!? And if it is, at least have a confirmation (i.e. Are you sure you want to restart?), because 99.9% of people don't want to throw away their 1,000+ points for no reason. Also, ads are annoying. Even if you manage to hit the X, and say "I'm not interested" "I've seen this before", etc, the same ad pops up! I am a guy getting ads for feminine health products. Why? I don't know! I say "I don't like this" and get it again. Come on guys.


Love the game. Need to have an even faster speed ball.


All in all this a great game for many reasons. One of them being it's a good way to relieve stress or playing it just for fun. BUT, when ever you reach a high level in the game and you lose, the game will give you an option to continue playing after you watch a video. If you click on it the option seems like it does not want you to get any higher. This has annoyed me ever since I got this game. I ask the the creator of the game can fix this very soon

good but needs somethings to fix

so I love this game so much but my score right now is 1636 and its boring. It takes FOREVER for the balls to be done destroying the boxes so you have to wait a at least 5 min WITH THE FAST FOWARD THING. So pleeaaseee put a new fast foward where it only takes like 30sec to be done. Also put like different modes for example one where you have 100 balls and they start to shoot and you can switch where you are aiming. And also, there is this "hack" where if you messed up or didnt want the ball to go into that direction, you pause the game and put main menu and you get like a "retry" so you might wanna fix that...



Good, but broken!!

Simple,yet addictive! But I'm in the 3700s (playing for weeks) and it keeps crashing after completing each level. Please fix!!!! Deducting one star until a fix is found....

Addicting but glitchy

Wonderful app but it needs some improvements like the "continue playing"button does not work the rings distract you from breaking the bricks which makes you die I am really bad at the game but the continue playing button makes it so much harder 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 I hope that they find my complaint concerning because now I suggest not to buy this game because of the glitches please fix it ketchapp I am so mad 😡 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡



Game Constantly Crashing

Don't waste your time. You play and play and eventually the game gets stuck on a level and keeps crashing. Not worth the frustration. Find another game.

Great. But.

Great game, only thing is its so easy to restart on accident. As im at level 400 lol


I love this game. My husband downloaded it first and is WAY better than I am at it. I do wish once all the different colored Ballz were purchased that we could use our coins for something else. I've racked up a lot but nothing to spend them on now. Different backgrounds or even more colors/designs? Box color themes...? Just my thoughts.




I love playing the games but the adds on almost (not all) all the ketch apps have adds that are out of control, I hope someone can fix this problem😉


I love this game so much! It's addictive and fun, but I think there should be an instant finish button so you don't have to wait even when the Ballz are going fast, but not fast enough


Game is very fun but the restart button is really easy to mash. It should double check to see if you want to restart the game. And idk anyone would want to restart from level one anyway. The restart button should be for that one level you are on, not the whole game. Because the restart button resets the entire game, it should make sure that you want to restart. Not good at all.


Great time waster

Good at first...then game shuts down

Earlier this year, my daughters got me hooked on this app. In the beginning, the game was a lot of fun. Once you get enough coins to buy all the different colors of balls, there is nothing else you can use the coins for, so that is something the developer needs to change, to use the coins for other things than to buy colored ball. Once you get over 1000 points/balls, the game starts to slow down. Now that I am over 2300 points/balls, the game has really slowed down to the point it shuts off. So the developer needs to make updates to this app to fix this problem.

Addictive but.........

Great game addictive, fun, creative, but the restart and pause button always give me trouble. I press the pause button but it never pops up it's small in the corner and out the way of the game but mines seems to be too hard to press and I always have to start over. The restart button also is trouble when I go to resume I always click restart☹️😫.

Excellent stress reliever

This game is a Excellent stress reliever. Need to get information to see why the game started resetting after being in 3717 and won't go any higher Jose Aguilo

Aweome except......

I loved this game. I thought it was amazing. The only problem though is that a( I wish there were more colors to the blocks and b( that STUPID RESET BUTTON. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO GET BACK UP TO 840?!?! All because that button that has no business doing there. Why is it even there? What's it's purpose? I'll tell you what the purpose is. It's to TICK PEOPLE OFF. The next time you do an update, get rid of the reset button. It has ruined too many lives, and I hate it. Other than that, great game!

Fun but with problems

I had almost beaten my high score and I messed up and I pushed the 2nd try button and watched the video all the way through and after that it sat on the title screen and didn't continue my game. The same thing happens when I watched the videos for the free 20 rings. I'll watch the video and it doesn't give me the rings. Fun game just would like to see these bugs fixed. Thank you.

Great fun!

Best time waster



Needs Update

It was fun... Now it crashes every time I try to play.

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