Ballz App Reviews

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Almost perfect!

The only thing I would add is the ability to speed the ballz become a permanent fixture so that you can speed them at will instead of having to wait for it to appear. Also, if you could “buy” more with the rings than just different colored ballz, like extra turns, etc.

Rip off

The game won’t restore my purchase and the adds keep poping up

Great until you are above 2000

When is the next update coming? App slows down substantially above level 2000 and heaven forbid you go above 3500, the app shuts down as you finish the level, so it marks that you have finished the level and makes you replay it over and over hoping it will move on. I’ve been at the same level for 2 months.....

Messes with my screen

It wasn’t until I got to the higher levels (500-900) that I realized that it as I sped up the balls it would leave a print on my screen. I thought it was part of the game at first but when I got to the 900’s and I would close the app, the shadow of the balls stayed permanently on my screen. It almost looks like a pixilated glitch of where the balls were moving. I even turned off my phone and when I turned it on it was still doing it. I love the game but the screen glitches make me a little scared.

App keeps crashing

I love this game but I’m closing in on 3700 and the app keeps crashing after a shot completes and when I go back in I have to take the same shot over again. Very frustrating. Please release an update.

Great game!

The game is great..... hehehe.... BALLZ

Game restarts

Can’t pass a level because as I finish the level the game pauses and blacks out. Ince you restart you are back on the game level.

Good but I have one complaint

Why is there a RESTART BUTTON! I cry because I had 1105 and I accidentally pushed it and ruined my best score!


I still can’t proceed with my game. I play the board, pass it and it kicks me out. I can’t move on. PLEASE fix it!!!!! I love this game. But I have a request. I think you should be able to continue more than once. Possibly using the circles to buy more. Not just to buy different color balls. I’m downgrading my stars. I’m stuck at 3707. Once all Ballz have cleared the game it closes. When I open, I have to redo level. Ugh!!!! Update. Still can’t go to next level. It’s kicking me out. Ugh!!! Update. Another device. Level 3711. Cannot proceed. Please update!!!!!!

Great but laggy

I hope someone sees this. I love this game it is quite laggy. Still great


I love this app. Very simple and addictive. It’d be nice to have some upgrades tough. Maybe you could use your coins to buy special balls like an extra large one, or one that shoots middles, etc. another cool idea would be, you get an extra ball every time you clear all the blocks on a level.

Very entertaining

I don’t play a lot of games on my phone, but this one is very simple, entertaining, and addictive.


I had an Android and played this games and got addicted. I went back to using iPhone and have tried playing this game several times. The App Store shows Balls is compatible with iPhone. I have the latest iOS version but still can’t seem to enjoy the game anymore. The greatest reason is that to aim and shoot you must move your finger the opposite you want to aim. I you want the ball to go right you have to move the pointer to the left. Please fix this do I can enjoy your game again. I will not attempt to play again.


Was fun while it worked. Amazing mindless game just to kill time. However after reaching 3678 the game no longer works. It will complete a round then reset back to the same number. Very frustrating.

I love this game!

So addicting, fun, and amazing! I love it!


I was almost to 1000, and then I actually hit the restart button. Really

Best Game

One of the bests ever . I just scored 175

Update please!

I absolutely love this game but it really need an update, it glitches And makes the movement of the balls go by really slowly and this game would be more enjoyable if maintained!


I’m obsessed with this game. P.S: I never have problems with add’s because I just turn off the WiFi. Anyways,this game is addictive as heck. It’s very simple, and I think that ages 5+ will enjoy this game. Probably in my top10 ketchapps games. Keep up the work ketchapp!

Great game!!!

Great game and very addicting but there are a few minor issues that would make it easier. First when you throw at a 80 degree- 90 degree it eventually it will sink down if you are trying to do a specific move I avoid it as much as possible but it can be annoying😟

Boring and too many ads



Would give 5 stars but really hoping for other game modes. Great game, can’t put it down. Also I stay up quite a pit playing and tend to fall asleep or put my phone down and the screen doesn’t sleep after not playing for a bit. I woke up to my phone screen being on all night because of it. Fix that and it’s 5 stars.


This gan is ok. If you are a person with low patience I would not gat this game.


I’m already at level 985. completely addicted, and i can’t put the game down. the past 100 levels have gone by in one day because i can’t wait to reach level 1000. oops

پارسى زبان

سرگرم كننده،خوراك كل كل،شديدا اعتياد آور،جذاب براى تمام رده- هاى سنى 🥇🥇🥇🥇

Best game made ooz


Love the game but...

It keeps locking up on me 😫

Good grief

This needs an upgrade bad. Why collect points endlessly?

Don’t like it.

There’s really nothing wrong with this game, it runs great and is pretty fun. But my girlfriend plays it all the time she never stops and it is terrible. Like I said good game just makes my girlfriend stop paying attention to me. Ballz is a game that can last for 5 minutes and get to about 20-25 balls before failing. But sometimes, on dreaded days, the game will get to 450. You play some and then you stop because you don’t want to lose. Not now. Not after all this hard work. Well my girlfriend is up to ball 500+ and she’s been playing off and on for days. It consumes her time and thoughts. In all seriousness this is quite the exaggeration and she really doesn’t constantly play. But she is right not and isn’t paying attention to me so 1/5 stars

bad advertisements

i was playing this game (which is very addictive by the way) and i came across an ad. i actually don’t mind ads, they’re pesky now and then but tolerable. the ad i came across was an ad giving me the chance to enter to win a free gun. i am a minor who is just playing a game and i do not want to be advertised free guns. i’m not sure if the game developer controls this or not, but if so, please make changes to your advertising.

Keeps Crashing!

After you start getting into the high levels above 2000, the app keeps crashing. You complete a level and the app shuts down. When you reopen the app, the game keeps returning to the level just completed. The higher you get, the more this happens. Both frustrating and eventually boring. Ready to delete it!! Really sloppy programming. Currently stuck on level 3669 and won’t move on to the next level even after multiple successful completions. Don’t waste your time.


I went to hit the main menu button but hit restart and I was on 918 balls and I’m very furious I can’t get back to the game I was playing

Should have listened

This game is so addictive! I should have heeded the warnings. It is very satisfying to get rid of as many of the boxes in one move... must go back and keep playing!


Great game, just wish it was updated to fit the iPhone X screen.

Needs fixing

The entire game froze up on me once, and the fast forward button come up sooner to make gameplay go faster.

Gone downhill

Used to be great. Now there are ads at the bottom taking a full game line away. But the thing that hurts the most is the gimmicky ad when you start that always interrupts the first shot...obviously trying to get a click (and usually succeeding). This is really not OK for me

Cool but very very flawed.

Cool game, but the two lives and reset to 0 is horrible. Deleted.

Great game but I had to restart..

My score was over 1,000, and I accidentally pressed the restart button and lost everything😡

Eh, it’s ok.

I refuse to believe i ALWAYS hit the very corner of the blocks or the bottom of blocks from trying to bounce shots left and right to sweep the board. all my shots are wasted. You try to bank a shot but guess what? It’ll hit the corner of the blocks or it BARELY touches the bottoms and shots are wasted. But all in all it’s an addicting game, I like it but I HATE it.


Please make it an option to fast forward for the entire game. Gets so slow later on when you have to wait for the option to come out. Also if it was iphone x compatible that would be great

Fun game



I really had fun with this until level 3749. Now it crashes every time I play it. Literally every.single.time. I’m not deleting it to get to that level again but it won’t let me play past this point so I guess it will gather dust on my phone until the crash issue is fixed.

Great game

Super addictive but now it closes right after I finish a round and doesn’t allow me to advance to the next level. FIX PLEASE!!

I really enjoy this game!

I really love playing this game when I have down time. The only thing I wish it had was a leaderboard!

Mindless fun, ridiculous “shop”

This game is a mindlessly fun variation of breakout. Biggest issue is the “shop” allows you to collect special rings in order to... Change the color of your balls. Collect 200 rings and you can choose red, blue, green, yellow, etc. No option for a special attack (like save 200 rings for one mega ball) or a free repeat. That and the Vegas slots ad that comes up regularly has no “x” out button, so you have to close the app whenever that ad pops up (which is about 1/5 of the time)


is it pronounced ‘balls’ or ‘ball zee’

Major Flaws

I went right into the app and the first thing I see is an ad. Not an intro screen nor anything else. An ad. Then to top it off, this game is still not optimized for iPhone X. They need to fix all of this before this game becomes viable.

Game needs fixing

I’m done with this game. I have hit the stupid restart button for the last time. Why would you put a restart button. Who the hell wants to start over after taking the time to get up to over 1359! It should be moved or even better REMOVED!!!


This game is fun and I had a fun time playing with it but when I get to a high score like 20 or up and I fail. When it shows a “continue” sign I click on it and it plays an ad but after the ad stops and ends I press exist and then I don’t get to continue my game

The app crashes.

I can’t get past 3777. After all the balls are done, the app crashes. It’s getting annoying and frustrating. I want to continue the game, not kept doing the same level over and over again.

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