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Not relaxing

I thought this was going to be a relaxing game but it’s too difficult to be relaxing. Deleted.

Please fix this

I loved the game it was great until I accidentally clicked restart instead of menu. I was at the high score of 1033 and I lost it. So I deleted the app. It is a great app just don’t make the same mistake like I did and I hope someone can fix this so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

So Cool!

Waaaay to addictive! Hours on end (5 Stars)

Can’t stop

I downloaded this app 2 days ago and can’t stop playing! It’s ridiculous a ball bounces around and bricks break after being hit with the ball. It’s crazy when you have 52 balls bouncing around the screen. Idk what to say it’s just fun. Get it try it!!

Mostly good

It is a very good game as I have only one game on my phone. Passes time and nothing else but can you possibly add some different balls that are special power balls.

the restart button

the game is great and i love it, but my only problem is that i have hit the restart button by accident way too many times and i really wish that there was a verification of hitting the restart button for all of the times that anyone accidentally hits the restart button.

I like this app but!!!!!!

Last time I was at a high score I deleted it because The app would shut down when I was done with a round. I would have to replay the round over and over and just by chance I would rank 2-3 times a day. I was at around 2700...this time I’m at 2462 and it is once again it keeps shutting down. I like this app but am so frustrated with it!!! App builders help! I would give 5 stars if it were not for this glitch/shutting down. Trying not to start over AGAIN.

could be better

You should be able to get more turns to continue where you lost, So you don’t have to start from 1 ( the beginning )

Love the game... don’t like the game logic

For some reason the first 50 or so plays were paced and metered so to not overload the game grid with squares, and keeping the targets lowered numbered as the game balls were gathered. Suddenly in the course of two weeks, the game has gotten highly aggressive and within 30 plays becomes impossible to fairly play. The grid suddenly gets flooded with more bricks than is possible to clear and at target scores 4 times the number of balls available. Perhaps there is a players AI engine of competition that predicts the users skill and it is trying to keep the challenge amped up that way, or the app has bad maths for ramping up user skill. Either way, this game just isn’t fun anymore.

Greatest Pong type of game on steroids

Don’t believe I’ll game is afoot so well together but it is a big problem you basically have to buy the game you get in today’s game and you do not wish to watch a minute video while you were in the zone of doing your thing so it’s not really a free game but besides that great game

The best game app I've found so far.

Spider solitaire is the only game I've ever played on an electronic device, that could hold my attention for any length of time. Not So Any More!!!! This game has captured my attention and dominates all my spare time. I love this app


I have been a player of this game for a while now, playing when I was bored, getting up to about 250. Then, I suddenly started getting higher and higher til I got to 1224. I was so excited that I got this high, and took my next shot. Then it suddenly switched off and the app restarted. I went back in and I had started at 1 again. I am so upset at this. I have been looking for assistance to fix this problem, but I have found nothing. I do not like this at all, and that is why I am giving one star. FIX THIS!!!!!!


So I was on the luckiest run of my life and for my 243 round a add popped up and made me watch it and when I came back it said I shot and it was a terrible shot and I ended up losing when another f****** add came up. I would otherwise rate this game a 5 star because it is fun and easy when you get the hang of it but the ads are the only reason I uninstalled the app.

Ballz is like phone crack

If you're looking for a real fun and challenging game to give your mind a mini vaca from work, school, annoying in-law visits, screening kids or boredom - Ballz is the answer!

Fun but shady tactics to get you to watch ads

I play this game for hours. I love the challenge. Lately it's luring me into watching ads by asking if I would like one more try. My watch the ad then when it returns to the game it's a new game. This happened the for the past few days. I guess the need to earn money too. I would rather pay than be bamboozled.

I'm never buying the ad free version

So now that we have that out of the way. Y'all could at least have the ads pop up before I shot the ball or after. Popping up the ad in the middle of a shot cheats me out of a round and now I got more blocks to destroy. Maybe y'all should fix that problem. Thanks 🙄

Very addictive

Love the game, it’s different every time. Only wish there was something to do with those coins after you buy all the different color balls. New levels, barriers, something....anything. :) still 5 stars.

Stuck on level 93

No balls but it is acting like there are naps moving waiting for them to return to ground

Difficult to aim

You have to slide down to get your line and move in the opposite direction you want the balls to move. This makes it difficult to aim. Brick breaker is better. Deleting this app.

Great game; Need options

This game is awesome! Very easy and lots of fun. I would suggest that they add some more ways to spend the “circles” you collect. I’ve got all the colors of ballz; now what? I would like to buy extra moves with them. This would add a lot to the game.

Fun game

Love the game it is very fun

Nice, ruined by ads

Please let me pay for nice games instead of ruining them with ad overload.


The game is addicting but it crashes after each round and I have now been stuck on the same round for the past three weeks because it crashes at the end of the play EVERY time.

Dope game

Dope af 'nuff said brother

Was fun. Not anymore

This game was great until it just stopped working. The more balls you get, the slower it gets and then it will simply crash after each round. I have a streak of 2637 and it will not go any further. It just crashes no matter what I do. I guess it doesn’t know how to work with 2600 balls.

No adverb of noun 1598


High score

I am at level 4009 and I cannot continue the game because it keeps crashing. It’s my favorite game but I cannot play anymore. FIX THIS

Crashes on iPhone X

I’m at level 3780 and it crashes every time.

Fun Game but with game-breaking mechanics

This is a neat little game and the concept is simple. I was very engaged in the beginning until I learned two flaws in the mechanics that ruined it for me- 1. If you released the balls at the sharpest angle possible, it generates the maximum number of bounces. It was almost guaranteed that you would pass the level, unless you hit a corner and the balls bounced downward instead (very unlikely) 2. If that unlikeliness occurred, you simply force-quit the app and restart the level and try another angle. Using these two methods I was able to get over 1500balls. At this point the game becomes laggy and quickly loses interest. Nonetheless it was fun for the first day or so...


I don’t mind spending a few bucks on a game/app that keeps me occupied for longer than 10-15 minutes. But the scoring vs. actual game play is flawed. I don’t get the object for a high score. It’s not intuitive at all. Lastly, for a paid app, I don’t want further purchase opportunities to advance in the game. That strategy is for free with in app purchase games. For that reason, I can’t give a favorable rating. You got my money, so let me attempt to progress through to higher scores. Don’t make me buy it. Blah

Good until it crashes

This is a great game that I enjoy very much..until it crashes, which is does almost every round. Most rounds, I will play two or three times before letting me through to the next level.

Very addictive

I love this game but the only glitch that really bothers me is that 'the continue playing' button will not always work. It's really upsetting when getting close to my top score and I can't continue that run because the when I press the button it will not respond thus losing my streak. And also what is the reason behind accumulating the rings? I know they're for buying new balls but do the balls have different abitlities, or is it just preference?


This game freezes CONSTANTLY. The game will run for about 2 seconds and just freezes or lags. I'm at level 3660 so for it to lag at the rate it does, it makes the game annoying and easy to leave behind.

Good job ketchapp!!

This app is freaking awesome. I love it!

Restart button!!

I love this game but the restart button needs to be somewhere else. I’ve lost my high score several times due to the restart button.


Very fun challenging game, best score 103 lets see you beat that!!! Some ppl say you I play some dumb games, my bad I wanna expand my brain haha and I feel this does 💯

Pretty good

The app doesn’t let me continue and it’s really annoying but other that that it’s a really good game


I seriously love this game, but DESPISE that stupid restart button!!! I was at 3025 and accidentally dropped my phone. When I tried to catch it, I bumped that stupid restart button and it reset my entire game! I've been playing for MONTHS and now it's all gone! Stupidest thing EVER!!! Seriously! There are enough complaints on here about it, GET RID OF IT! I'm so furious right now, I don't think I can play this again until that stupid button is gone or moved into another menu that is harder to get to. It shouldn't even exist! Aaaahhhhhh!!!! So annoying!!

Simple fun

Simple, fun game but seems to glitch too often

Beware: this game has taken over my life

Just a note- it’s hard not to open this when in lines or waiting and then all of a sudden you are ignoring your husband because you are waiting for a turn to finish. It’s so addictive.

Needs an update!

Reading other reviews, they are similar to mine. Please add new fast forward features. It’d be appreciated by everybody.and fix crashing of games, I hate it when a game crashes when I’m close to my high score.

Thumbs down

Thumbs down until you fix the glitch! After I launch my Ballz (it takes forever for 2000+ balls) the game boots you out to the main phone screen. Only to open the app back up and still be stuck on the same level!! ANNOYING!!! Please fix!

I LOVE IT, but...

I LOVE this game. It’s so calming and relaxing and fun and it really helps with my anxiety and constant need to wiggle around and do things. I only give it a 4 because I wish the store had more features as I unlocked them all long ago and now I’ve got tons of coins for nothing. Thank you!


The game is really amazing, I am obsessed with it but sometimes it glitches and sometimes it takes a long time to go to the next row. Thats the ONLY problem i have with this game. Besides that it is really addicting. I got one of my friends obsessed with this game lol



Please fix issue

The game is addictive and I enjoy playing it. But it would be awesome if when it says “continue playing” it would ACTUALLY let me continue playing. Sometimes it will let me and sometimes it want. Other than that it’s a fun game.

An addictive game that is a time waster

If your looking for a game to download that is good for wasting some time away I really do recommend this app.

Love this game.

I really enjoy this game. I wish it had an instant button though. Sometimes you just wait and wait for your play to finish...


Okay, first off, I got to level 903 and then there’s something called a restart button that shouldn’t have existed in the first place. Please remove this darn button, for this took my a month to get to where I was at. I wasted all this time just to start over. I hate this game. Grrrrr. I’m starting over. My name is unknown. I’m done. So please, if you like the human kind, know that we make mistakes and people press the wrong darn buttons, so remove that button. Restart is pointless and hurtful. Thanks, bye.

I can’t put it down!!

Can’t stop playing!

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