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Too many ads

Ads are too much and take too long. Can’t enjoy the game

Finally, The Major Bugs Are GONE!!!!

Finally I can keep playing after hitting 3771. It used to just reset and go back to the same level, over and over again. This is a wonderful game. Addicting, YES! It looks like only every other ball shows after you hit 900, but all register a hit. THANK YOU!!!!

Updates are great!

Developers listened and fixed the freezing glitch. THANK YOU! Have read other reviews and agree about taking the restart button away and still using different colors even on higher number balls. Really hope there is no limit to how far I can go and am currently on my way to 5000 so I can see how the number on the box is recorded!

Ads open in the middle of gameplay

Are you so desperate to promote other games that you’ll ruin this one?

Bug fixes

Your last update totally screwed up this game. It does nothing but glitch now.


Fun game! Great time waster on the airplane.

Restart button

This app is great, but I’ve gotten really far several times, and accidentally hit the restart button. The game should as if you are you sure you want to restart after you hit restart.


You’re the best person ever love you so much and I hope you enjoy this by

The worst game ever

This game is stupid and I’ll never play it again

I mean it works

Honestly, if you’re looking for a game that you can play for 15 minutes while waiting to be called into your prostate doctors office, then this is for you. Kind of addicting because it saves your gameplay even if you exit the app so you can almost never lose. But it does drain the battery some bit so I’d recommend playing on low battery mode. It’s not bad, just noticeable. But I guess this is a good little game.

Awesome game

Super fun super addicting new different designed ball bought a ball and use my Facebook like for a ball and it was the same color kinda upsetting needs more choices

Not the best

It’s a good game. It get addictive and it’s fun but I hate that I will eliminate multiple squares and it’ll just count as one on the scorer on the top left corner.

Fun! but....

Very buggy

Green circles

I have thousands and thousands of green circles. I already used them to get different colored balls. What the heck can I do with all these green circle points? Please update this game.

No Use for Currency

The game is tons of fun, and I can play it for ages. It’s a really nice game to play to clear my head. My big concern is the currency you earn to buy different colored balls. Once you’ve purchased all the colors you have literally no other use for the “money”. I have well over 5k and nothing to use it for. I would like something else to do with it, otherwise it feels entirely asinine. Would be lovely to be able to use 1,000 of them to buy a third life to keep going after your first two.

Stuttering introduced in latest version!

Have been playing, and loving this game since it was released. But since the last release or so the once buttery-smooth animation has become randomly jerky. You’ll be watching the balls bounce around, and suddenly notice a slowdown in the animation. Whatever you did to this once-great game, please undo it and give us back the game we loved!

Game locks up in the high 3000s

Update 7/17/18: Fixed the crash problem. Thx! Animations are still wonky but I’ll take functioning! Update: I appreciate that there was an attempt to give this game a little love after a year of no updates but it doesn’t solve the problem of the game crashing in the 3000s that I and numerous others have detailed. Like many others who seem to be writing reviews, I got to 3727 and now it won’t let me go any further. I can play game 3727 and get to the end but then it crashes before advancing to 3728. Its like the movie Groundhogs Day....I just get to play game 3727 over and over and over and over and again....


No freezing, resets quickly better than before. Thank you!


Adds kind of annoying but otherwise a great game!!!

Used to love it

Update#2: the game is once again awesome!! Thank you for finally fixing it! Update: even after the “improvements” update today the same still kicks me out after each round and now my current score shows as 37 when it’s actually 3715.... 🤬 I loved this game until I got up over level 3,500 and now the game crashes after almost every turn forcing me to replay levels over and over and over again occasionally letting me move up one level then goes through the same process again and again. Hopefully they update it soon so I can keep enjoying it.

Speed up the balls.

I get bored with this game because the balls do not go fast enough. Do you have any idea how long it takes to go through 1300 balls?? Also, pleeease make the “speed up” option appear sooner. It’s annoying to wait for 150 balls to pass before you can choose to speed up the process. These are the reasons I have stopped playing the game.


too many ads, if u don’t want ads then turn off wifi and cellular data and there’s no ads. besides that, the games alright it’s kinda boring though

App crashes

After 3 updates still crashes on level 3738 The crashes appears to be fix in current update. Thank you

Update Version 1.2 Bugs

Today’s (7/17/2018) bug fixes appears to have resolved all the the issues I was having and more. 5 Stars for this addicting game. Well done!

Pretty fun

Love the game, super fun. However when you get to higher levels (like over 1000), the speed up button still isn’t fast enough. I find myself sometimes waiting minutes if some balls are stuck between two high numbered blocks. Maybe a button to go even double speed ?

Gets stuck

I enjoy this game. I find it frustrating, though, when the “ball” gets stuck going from side to side. If that issue was fixed I would rate the app 5 stars.

Stuck in a Loop

App gets stuck in a loop where balls just bounce left and right between the walls without descending. Deleted and re-installed app, but had same problem.

Update bug

Balls will get stuck going left to right without eventually coming down.

Did I break it?

This game is so great. It’s calm and leisurely and I highly recommend it! I’ve run in to a couple of glitches though since a pretty high score - the display of the score cuts off a digit and now, when I get new rows, there is no blank row on the top. I’ve sent questions to the support email, and will hopefully get a response soon! It’s so addictive though that I’m giving up on my current high score (1677) and deleting and uninstalling to play again. Def worth it and I am happy to have paid to remove the ads!

Addictive but glitchy

I've made it to level 813, a real feat for me. But I can't get any further because when the balls stay horizontal on a block until it breaks (no matter what the number in the block is) the balls don't go down after the block breaks anymore.

This version crashes

Received this version a few days ago and it keeps crashing. It also cut off my total score. Very frustrating. This version and the previous versions slows down while switching adds, which is also frustrating.


I love the game but since the last update the current level number at the top center of the screen only shows the first 3 digits of the number. If you’re past level 999 it cuts off the last digit.


Loved this game for a year until it started to glitch.. re downloaded and then realized that half of my games freeze while the balls bounce horizontally without coming back down to the bottom... disappointed 😕

Simple but truly addictive

I can’t stop playing this game and it’s become a problem. I had a dream about this game last night. And now my wife is playing it and we don’t talk to each other anymore. I think we have a toddler running around somewhere but I can’t remember his name. My only issue is that sometimes it will freeze or a ball will get stuck perpetually bouncing back and forth in the same spot. This is the only thing keeping it from being perfect.

Really love this game

Love this game and play it during any spare time I get. Watch TV and play during commercials. I really enjoy being able to leave and come back at the point I left. Developers: 3x I’ve had the balls bouncing in a line and not falling. Had to totally close and restart. But can overlook this since I enjoy it.

Too many ads

I love this game, the entire household competes to get a new high score but now there are too many ads. The developer is too money hungry or something and that’s a turn off. I would give 5 stars if the game went back to only having ads if you want to continue play.

Got to level 3778 and froze

I’ve been on the same level for months. I defeat the level then it freezes and closes the app then when I go to restart it I’m exactly where I was. I’ve tried to contact the company but nothing back.

Both irritating and engrossing

Look, I really like this game. It’s simple and addicting. But I keep downloading similar games, hoping to find one I like, because it takes SO LONG for the speed up button to show up and there’s no way to skip to the end. If I need to pick off a block that will only use a portion of my ammo, I’ll have to just sit and watch the remaining balls bounce off the wall into nothing until it’s spent. Once you get a good streak going this can take forever. This would be a five star game if you fixed that one issue, but until you do I’m going to keep looking for an alternative.

Awesome but needs a fix!

Really addictive game, but running into a problem lately where the balls get stuck side to side across the screen. No fix for this except to restart. Idk if this is a problem from a recent update as I didn’t have this issue when I played the game before. Otherwise a really occupying way to waste some time

New update makes “Get One More Turn” button not work

Besides this frustration I love this game

Love the game but keeps getting stuck

I have been playing this game for over a year but since the latest update, the game gets stuck every time the balls go directly horizontal. I have to restart my phone every time. Please fix!!!!!!

The good and the bad.

Advertising ruined this game, would rather paid 2.99 to play it as free


new update broke the display of the current score. my game is currently above 1700 and after the update it only shows the first 3 digits 177.



New update lowers score

The new update truncated my score to 3 digits, so I'm basically back to where I was in January. Do not update or you'll lose your score if it's over 1000!

Awesome and addictive, yet there is a problem

Right now I keep playing but I noticed something, eh, wrong in the Ball Section Item Thing Locker.... WHATEVER BOTCH! The balls that say “Follow Ketchapp on Twitter” and the other one, I just tapped them and I got them... FIX THIS DANG BUG OR I WILL CALL THE DONALD J. TRUMPET ON YOU!

Love it

Super duper addicting. Love this game just wish it looks better on my X and also I have all these gold rings and nothing left to spend them on!! Wish ketchapp would throw an awesome new update in!

Love it so much nothing left to earn

I have played this game endlessly and I’m not a mobile phone game app person ( well I guess now I am with this game). So much mindless fun and allows me to de-stress. But there is nothing left to earn. I have played so much, I have earned all the re is to earn. CN you add more colored ballz or more things to compete for? Thanks.


Super fun game. I wish it had some more bonuses. I’ve bought all the bonus balls, and now I don’t have much to work for.

New update is super glitchy

It continues to delete my score and stay at 10 for 100s if turns. Also the ball keeps getting stuck. I didn’t run into this issue before the newest update.

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